Summer Picture Gallery

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04a.jpg

    Swans & Cygnets on the river

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04b.jpg

    Swans & Cygnets on the river

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04c.jpg

    Clearing invasive Himalayan Balsam

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04d.jpg

    Himalayan Balsam (root stock)

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04e.jpg

    Clearing down by the river bank

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04f.jpg

    Maintaining the tracks through the wood

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04g.jpg

    Managing regrowth in coppiced coups

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04h.jpg

    Down by the river bank

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04i.jpg

    River view

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04j.jpg

    Pathway leading to the entrance

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04k.jpg

    Steps leading out of the wood

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04l.jpg

    Continuous woven hurdle

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04m.jpg

    Hazel fencing dividing coups

  • photos/04_Summer/pic04n.jpg

    Top ride through the wood