Around Mortimores Picture Gallery

  • photos/02_Around/pic02a.jpg

    Cycleways marker on woodland road

  • photos/02_Around/pic02b.jpg

    Path leading back to Chippenham

  • photos/02_Around/pic02c.jpg

    Chippenham in the distance

  • photos/02_Around/pic02d.jpg

    Replanting adjacent to the wood

  • photos/02_Around/pic02e.jpg

    Field next to Mortimores

  • photos/02_Around/pic02f.jpg

    Replanting post

  • photos/02_Around/pic02g.jpg

    Car pull-in by the cattle grid

  • photos/02_Around/pic02h.jpg

    Road leading to the woods

  • photos/02_Around/pic02i.jpg

    Road alongside the woods